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28th-Nov-2007 08:14 pm - luck
 I need to stop watching real life murder mystery shows like 48 Hours.  
I know this stuff gives me nightmares.
Earl seriously gets mad at me when I watch these shows, but I can't help it.
The parent liason from Foothills called me today to say that she LOVES the costumes.  
I seriously was shocked.  I don't like them...but, she said I followed directions perfectly.
On a different note, I asked dad what he thought about me taking some of mom's quilts and
"redoing" them.  They are worn and frayed.  I think that's terrible.
Dad said it's "my art" and he knows how important mom's things are to me.
I often wonder what it's like to be able to find comfort in JUST memories.  He's lucky.  He's blessed.  He knows it.
28th-Nov-2007 10:52 am(no subject)
I am so sick to my stomach and I just want to throw up and sleep all day.
I stayed home again today.  I have so much sick time that rolled over from my last two years of employment, so I might as well use it when I'm actually sick.
Earl said he's going to bring me organic chicken broth.  
27th-Nov-2007 06:28 pm - WHO's LAME?

My dad is taking Earl to New York City for 4 days.  Apparently they are going to a publishing convention for my dad's company.  Publishing convention?  Doesn't that sound made up?  I love that my father loves my boyfriend and vice-versa, but I think dad thinks Earl is the son he never had.  Dad didn't even ASK me to go to NYC.  I wonder if I should talk Earl into telling dad that I'm pg.  I think he should tell him and not me.  Yeah, I'll put it all on him.  He's the one that gets to stay at the Waldorf and enjoy all the perks.  He should have ONE negative thing to deal with.  haha!  i'm kidding, but only partially.
Serena called me SIX, yes SIX, time today.  She's miserable.  She's high-drama right now.  I told her about live journal and she was like "OMG, you are such a geek."  
What does that even mean?
She's mean sometimes.
I told her she's mean.  She laughed and said "So, you're a bitch ALL THE TIME!"  
That's why I love that girl.  
SO.....she thinks that I should wait until after the baby is born to move to FL.  She thinks dad will totally be cool with me being pg...even though we're not married--- and she thinks even if he's not cool with it at first, he'll come around and totally be into being a grandfather.  
I like talking to her because she is optimistic and she really is completely supportive.  EVEN THOUGH SHE YELLED AT ME WHEN I TOLD HER I WAS PREGNANT.  haha/
o.k. so, i'm watching friends....which is weird because i have seen every episode at least twice.  
i feel lame.

27th-Nov-2007 01:27 pm - aprons
 I can't believe I took the day off today to Christmas shop...and I haven't gotten anything done.  I am obsessed with live journal.  I want to take some pictures of the aprons I've been making.  I started making "mommy and me" aprons to sell at the craft fair that Foothills hosts in December.  They are really easy to make, but I have not figured out how much to sell them as.  I think I need to price them as sets and solos.  Some people will just want to buy them for kids and some people will want to buy them for adults.  I was thinking...maybe $35 for the set; $20 individually.  i hope they sell.
Is that too much?
I don't know.
I have to get my camera from Earl's condo. We started taking weekly pregnancy pictures.  I'm not showing at all...but, my body is changing in weird ways.
I want to put all of the money I make from crafts into a baby fund so that i can take off the first few months.  Usually I work trhoughout the summer session and i make a good amount.  baby is due in june...so i'll miss summer session.  i need to make up for the loss.
27th-Nov-2007 10:48 am - your cyber is wack
How  do I add "friends"?
I need cyber-friends!
Is "cyber" not a term people use anymore??

EDIT: I'm a dork...haha, nevermind.  I figured it ALL out!  I will RULE the livejournal universe!
1st-Nov-2007 10:40 am - My very first entry
O.k., so a blog entry.
Let's see.
I went to the fabric store today to pick-up my order and they lost my order so I had to wait for over a half an hour while they put a new order together for me.
I didn't mind, actually.  I put a wish-list together for Dad.  He hates shopping, but he'll do it once a year at Christmas.  
I think his girlfriend does it.  Either way, it's o.k.
Other work...a.k.a. Kid Central has been hectic.  The parents are all a-flutter about the Christmas pagent.
I have been really busy making the costumes, but seriously...I don't know if I even like them.  BUT, I followed strict orders and did exactly what I was told.  
Serena called yesterday.  She isn't signing up for second semester classes at JU.  Her boyfriend, DICK- I call him- (real name Hudson...love the name, not the guy!) took a job with some hospital near Orlando.  She is going to move there with him and take the semester off.  
O.k., so I know this journal/blog isn't about other people...so, I won't even "GO THERE".
This is so weird.
Usually, I write all this in my diary.  
I might like this. 
I am sick of being sick.....saltines and water and sugar-free lemonade- that's what my diet consists of.  will it always be like this?  no way or less woman would do this.
i need to tell dad we're moving.  i need to tell dad i'm pregnant.
i miss mom in times like these.
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