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I am what I make...
She's crafty!
27th-Nov-2007 06:28 pm

My dad is taking Earl to New York City for 4 days.  Apparently they are going to a publishing convention for my dad's company.  Publishing convention?  Doesn't that sound made up?  I love that my father loves my boyfriend and vice-versa, but I think dad thinks Earl is the son he never had.  Dad didn't even ASK me to go to NYC.  I wonder if I should talk Earl into telling dad that I'm pg.  I think he should tell him and not me.  Yeah, I'll put it all on him.  He's the one that gets to stay at the Waldorf and enjoy all the perks.  He should have ONE negative thing to deal with.  haha!  i'm kidding, but only partially.
Serena called me SIX, yes SIX, time today.  She's miserable.  She's high-drama right now.  I told her about live journal and she was like "OMG, you are such a geek."  
What does that even mean?
She's mean sometimes.
I told her she's mean.  She laughed and said "So, you're a bitch ALL THE TIME!"  
That's why I love that girl.  
SO.....she thinks that I should wait until after the baby is born to move to FL.  She thinks dad will totally be cool with me being pg...even though we're not married--- and she thinks even if he's not cool with it at first, he'll come around and totally be into being a grandfather.  
I like talking to her because she is optimistic and she really is completely supportive.  EVEN THOUGH SHE YELLED AT ME WHEN I TOLD HER I WAS PREGNANT.  haha/
o.k. so, i'm watching friends....which is weird because i have seen every episode at least twice.  
i feel lame.

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