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My very first entry 
1st-Nov-2007 10:40 am
O.k., so a blog entry.
Let's see.
I went to the fabric store today to pick-up my order and they lost my order so I had to wait for over a half an hour while they put a new order together for me.
I didn't mind, actually.  I put a wish-list together for Dad.  He hates shopping, but he'll do it once a year at Christmas.  
I think his girlfriend does it.  Either way, it's o.k.
Other work...a.k.a. Kid Central has been hectic.  The parents are all a-flutter about the Christmas pagent.
I have been really busy making the costumes, but seriously...I don't know if I even like them.  BUT, I followed strict orders and did exactly what I was told.  
Serena called yesterday.  She isn't signing up for second semester classes at JU.  Her boyfriend, DICK- I call him- (real name Hudson...love the name, not the guy!) took a job with some hospital near Orlando.  She is going to move there with him and take the semester off.  
O.k., so I know this journal/blog isn't about other people...so, I won't even "GO THERE".
This is so weird.
Usually, I write all this in my diary.  
I might like this. 
I am sick of being sick.....saltines and water and sugar-free lemonade- that's what my diet consists of.  will it always be like this?  no way or less woman would do this.
i need to tell dad we're moving.  i need to tell dad i'm pregnant.
i miss mom in times like these.
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