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I am what I make...

She's crafty!

6 January 1983
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My name is Janna!! Hello there! I LOVE crafts. I hope to open my own craft and gift shop within the next few years. I have been making my own clothing and home accessories since I can remember. My mother taught me how to sew when I was six. She died when I was thirteen and since then I have been obsessed with crafts!! It's my therapy and one of my sources of income!! I currently work for a Montessori school near Las Vegas, Nevada. I am not a teacher or anything like that, but more like an assistant. I did not get my Bachelors Degree yet, but I do have my Associates!! Yay! I don't like Las Vegas, so I'm hoping to move to Florida with my boyfriend. My best friend Serena already lives there...so that's the best reason of all to move!! I live in Canyon Edge (Henderson) with my dad...even though I never really see him since he works all the time to pay for a big house that he's never in!
I have an amazing boyfriend Earl and we're going to have a baby in June! I'm really nervous about motherhood and I'm hoping to find other mommies to connect with; people that have gone through what I'm about to go through. I'm scared. Is this normal?
I am scared of technology too, but my friends tell me that this is a great way to "network". Whatever that means. haha! I'm new at this blogging thing, so bear with me!!